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About Rodger


Hello! I’m Rodger.

I’ve Been Building Websites for 10 Years


Degree from Hiram College with a BA in Business Management, 16 years with the Army National Guard and business experience for the last 38 years with various large corporastions, and a number of non-profit groups (American Legion, Patriot Guard, Animal Protective League, etc. ). I have been working with and around computers since 1989.

About Ben


Hello! I’m Ben.

I have been trouble shooting PC problems for 12 Years

Good with A+, SQL, System builds and server troubleshooting and many other Data Entry systems and hardwares. I have the skills to handle most pc, coding, and harware problems.  I am definitely the guy that you come to with data, software, hardware, and all around problem solving.  I have been around PC’s, Smart Phones, Smart watches, Gaming systems, Servers, SQL, Anti Virus, Windows Operating Systems, IOS.

About Susan


Hello! I’m Susan.

I’m your Visual Content and Design Manager.


I am a Kent State University graduate, avid video gamer, and a happy mother of 3.  I have always had a passion for reading, writing, photography, and photo editing which I have applied to a career in web design. You can count on me to fine tune your site to your needs and maintain a professional display.


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