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Digital presence is key to today’s business.

Just as yesteryear, location is vital for a successful business.

Location, location, location!

If you cannot be found on a smartphone, PC or tablet, you don’t exist.

We can help you get found!


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Specializing in the Small to Medium business Market

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 Website Development and Design

Our web design experts listen to your business needs and prefrences to create a website using your own content, services, products, and ideas.  Need content assistance or not sure what you need? We are here every step of the way.

Building up or from scratch

Web Development – the main non-design aspects of building websites: writing, markup and coding. Whether you need a smaller project created or a website built from the ground up we listen to your business needs to create what you seek.

Website Design

Web Design is the process of creating websites.

Our web design team is experienced with multiple digital tools, creative, and editor platforms to meet our client’s needs.

Pixelartography uses these platforms to create or edit your webpage layout, provide content production, and various digital design and photo needs.

Our web editors provide a visual interface for designing the website’s layout and the software can automatically generate the corresponding HTML and CSS code.

Branding, Logos, and Display

Here at Pixelartography we pride ourselves on creating website that meets your business goals.

We ensure that your website maintains the tone that you intend for your audience to receive and that your branding, logo, and professionalism are displyed appropriately.  We also adjust your website’s theme to be compatible across all desktops, tablets, cell phones, and various devices.

Already have a website?  Any new content we generate for you will stay on your company’s brand and transition seemlessly.

Digital Services

Are you website ready? Now we can provide Social Media, SEO, Marketing, Content Strategy and anything else you need digitally.
Perfecting art and business with IT.

Ads, Marketing, and Social Media

Are you looking to expand your business to more customers? Do you need help spreading the word about your new website/business? Have you created a presence on social media platforms?

Our digital services are for you.

Let Pixelartography help you reach your target audience by assisting and creating media pages, advertisement, and/or marketing campaigns.

Whether it be running Google, Facebook, or mail-in marketing, we have the tools to find and spread your business by running ads the customers relevant to you.

SEO and Content Strategy

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a digital strategy to make your website more easily found on the internet.  Our team will adjust your site and online presence to increase your business’s internet rankings making your web site more effective by bringing even more traffic.

Content Strategy helps define your marketing goals and set priorities. Together we plan out your work and ensure that all marketing effort is goal driven.  Your pages are filled with the proper keywords and phrases that also helps your SEO.

Documented Content Strategy Analysis

Not only can you count on us to work with you on your business goals for any of our digital services, but by using Pixelartography’s subscription model, we provide documented content strategy and advertisement analytics.

This ensures that every bit of effort put-in by the team translates into tangible results bringing about success for your company as well as your customers or clients.

We provide you with data on your site’s statistics, rankings, and ad campaings in one neat compilation.  Once this data is compiled we use this tool together to discuss potential changes in digital strategy so you are getting the most our services.

Website Hosting Service

We can host your site, input data, custom code, and most other information or thruputs needed. Offering a finished product that will make you happy and your customers wanting to visit more often.

Maintenance & Updates

We regularly check your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. This should be done on a consistent basis in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings

Website Backups

We perform and maintain multiple back ups of your site in case of emergencies or to revert back to a former version of your site.

Your website will never be lost with our web hosting services.

Domains And Security

We will keep your domain in your name and prevent security risks from compromising your site.

Highly Recommended Rodger! He has helped us with our online presence and so much more. Rodger is very thorough and patient when helping uus with all of the different services he provides.  Great, great guy!!

Meyers Fence

Love them. Always helpful when I need help. My Website is amazing

Ginger Boyd

Rodger has been awesome to work with. He has helped our online presence grow so much already. Very quick to reply to any of our questions and very knowledgeable. For anyone looking to grow their business online, I highly recommended reaching out to Rodger.

Josh Brebant

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